Interviewer Escapes Tasting Vinka’s Wrath For Asking About Sheilah And Her Husband | VIDEO

BBS TV interviewer narrowly escaped tasting Vinka’s wrath for asking off-topic questions about the singer’s husband Nelly Witta and Sheilah Gshumba.

Vinka who is on a media tour for her new song Fimbo, was asked about the allegations that her husband Nelly Witta slept with NBS After5 presenter Sheilah Gashumba.


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It should be recalled that Sheilah Gashumba’s ex-boyfriend God’s Plan recently revealed the list of men the socialite had a fling with including Nelly Witta.

Responding to the question, Vinka said she is not ready to answer such a question, as it is not her drama to address.

The self branded Boss Manjah added that she wants to be known for her good music, not building her stardom on her husband’s name.


However, the interviewer seemed not pleased by the singer’s submission, as he hard-pressed to get her remarks upon discovering Nelly’s concealed romantics with Sheilah.

Appearing enraged by the interviewer’s inquiries, Vinka requested him to respect her husband because he is the father to her daughter.

Vinka is one of the few Ugandan artists who keep their families away from the limelight and would go bare knuckles with whoever degrades them.

Take a look at the video


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