Iraq Music Producer & Artist Hayder Isam Visits Uganda to Collaborate with Young Talented Musicians

In a groundbreaking move that transcends cultural and national boundaries, renowned Iraqi music producer and artist Hayder Isam has arrived in Uganda to embark on a unique collaborative project with young talented Ugandan musicians.

The project aims to foster a creative exchange of musical ideas, encourage cultural understanding, and showcase the incredible talent of these up-and-coming artists on the international stage.

The collaboration, dubbed “Harmony in Diversity,” is set to span two months and will involve Isam working closely with a carefully selected group of young Ugandan musicians from various musical genres, including Afrobeat, Hip-hop, Dancehall, and Traditional music. The initiative is expected to culminate in the production of an album that blends the unique sounds and styles of both countries, creating a one-of-a-kind musical experience for global audiences.

Hayder Isam, a prominent figure in the Middle Eastern music industry, has been instrumental in shaping the careers of several celebrated artists from the region. His decision to collaborate with Ugandan musicians stems from a desire to explore new musical horizons and create a platform for cross-cultural dialogue through the universal language of music.

In a recent interview, Isam said, “Music is a powerful tool for communication and understanding. I’m excited to work with these incredibly talented young Ugandan musicians and believe that together, we can create something truly magical.”

The Ugandan musicians selected for the project were chosen from a nationwide talent search conducted by a team of local music industry professionals. These artists, all aged between 18 and 30, have already made a name for themselves in their respective genres and are eager to expand their musical horizons by working with Isam.

Among the chosen artists is 22-year-old Afrobeat singer-songwriter, Josephine Nakimuli, who expressed her excitement at the prospect of collaborating with the esteemed Iraqi producer. “I’m thrilled to be part of this project. It’s not just an opportunity for me to learn and grow as an artist, but also a chance to share my culture and music with the world,” she said.

The collaboration has also drawn the attention of several major players in the global music industry, including leading record labels and streaming platforms, all eager to support the ambitious project. In addition to the production of an album, the collaboration will be documented in a behind-the-scenes video series, providing fans with an exclusive look into the creative process behind “Harmony in Diversity.”

Hayder isam
Hayder isam

The project has received endorsements from both the Ugandan Ministry of Culture and the Iraqi Ministry of Culture, as well as support from various non-profit organizations and cultural institutions. These entities recognize the value of the initiative in promoting cultural understanding and building bridges between the two nations through the power of music.

As the “Harmony in Diversity” project unfolds, music enthusiasts around the world are eagerly anticipating the results of this unique collaboration. With Hayder Isam’s expertise and the incredible talent of Uganda’s young musicians, the stage is set for an unforgettable fusion of sounds and styles that will surely captivate listeners worldwide.


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