Irene Kayemba

Irene Kayemba Through Groom a Girl Foundation Donates to Wakiso Health Workers

The Groom a Girl Foundation, led by Irene Kayemba, organized the ‘Mother to Mother’ charity drive in Wakiso, where they expressed gratitude towards the health workers in various health centres for their efforts in improving the health of mothers.

They also provided essential supplies to new mothers who had recently given birth among which included sugar, salt, and soap among many others.

The team visited the villages and met with local midwives, known as “MULERWA,” who play a crucial role in their communities by providing essential services.

Groom a Girl Foundation expressed their appreciation for the dedication and contributions of these midwives.

Irene Kayemba

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The foundation was extremely thankful for the generous support of its partners, which included Bidco Uganda Limited, Hariss International, Aim Distributors, Kibz Vision Ltd, Moshe International Academy, and numerous individuals who offered their assistance.

These contributions played a vital role in the success of their initiative.


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