Irene Namatovu Believes She is Least Appreciated in Uganda Compared to Other Countries

Singer Irene Namatovu firmly holds the belief that she receives the least amount of appreciation in her home country Uganda compared to other nations.

As a talented singer, songwriter, and cultural ambassador, Namatovu has dedicated her life to promoting Ugandan music and culture both locally and internationally.

However, despite her immense contributions and undeniable talent, she feels that her efforts are often overlooked and undervalued within Uganda’s artistic landscape.

Namatovu’s perception is based on a recent incident in which Kenyatta University in Kenya performed the “Nsambira Nga Janzi” cultural song at the Country Music Festival which she firmly believes should have been initially performed by a Ugandan university.

She adds that her international supporters, such as the Kenyatta University choir, provide her with the motivation to persistently pursue greater accomplishments in the future.

Namatovu emphasizes that she is appreciative of the fact that nations such as Kenya, Ghana, and others recognize the value of her music being remade.

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She made the remarks midway through her rehearsal sessions ahead of the video shoot for her song “Chika”


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