Irene Namatovu, and Geoffrey Lutaaya

Irene Namatovu, Geoffrey Lutaaya Reveal The Secrets to Their Successful 10-Year Marriage

Singing love birds Irene and Geoffrey Lutaaya recently celebrated have revealed what has kept their relationships blossoming for the past decade.

The couple which celebrated their tenth anniversary as a married couple recently during a press conference shared their secrets to maintaining a strong and loving relationship.

Geoffrey Lutaaya acknowledged making mistakes throughout their marriage but emphasized that he always sought forgiveness from his wife, Irene Namatovu.

Furthermore, Geoffrey Lutaaya emphasized that choosing to have their wedding in his home village enabled him to receive the blessings of his parents.

He encouraged others to also bring joy and happiness to their own families, rather than solely visiting during times of mourning and sorrow.

Geoffrey Lutaaya and Irene Namatovu 10th anniversary

Despite being over nine years older than her, he realized that Irene was the perfect person for him and learned from his family’s wisdom.

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On the other hand, Irene Namatovu confessed to feeling jealous at times and revealed that she had cut ties with individuals who spread rumours about her husband’s behaviour behind her back.


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