Irene Ntale, Vinka

Irene Ntale urges Vinka to stop her childish behaviour

Former Swangz Avenue singer Irene Ntale has no kind words for fellow singer Vinka as she urges her to stop her childish behavior.

Irene Ntale and Vinka fell out years back when the latter put down her working tools as the former’s music manager at Swangz Avenue and ventured into an active singing career.

They did a song together dubbed Stylo, however, Vinka expressed her frustration with Irene Ntale’s actions at the video shoot as she seemed uninterested.

Following their failed friendship, the two have not been seeing eye to eye. While appearing in an interview with BBS TV, Irene Ntale responded to Vinka’s criticism, acknowledging their soured friendship.

Irene Ntale

Ntale urged Vinka to move on, stop clinging to the past, bragging about being the best, and comparing herself to others.

Furthermore, Ntale explained that they are both talented differently and loved by their fan bases, before revealing no one has the divine power to determine tomorrow.

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It is not a competition that I am better than you, I have more fans than you, I have more followers than you, good for you if you have them I also mine we are not in a competition. I dont believe in I am better than this one and the there one. Do you know that can unexpectly die like we have a higher power that commends everything. So you cant brag about being better than others do you have a book of like? You udertand you dont so what I am trying to say let everyone shine and be proud of what God has blessed them with and its not your power.


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