Isaac SN Selector

Isaac SN Selector of SNMIX 90 Records Succumbs to Cancer

The Uganda deejaying industry is gutted by the untimely death of Isaac SN Selector real name was Isaac Mukisa who succumbed to cancer.

The news of his death was received on Friday, December 8, 2023, deeply impacting Uganda’s deejaying community.

Isaac SN, who operated from Majestic Plaza under the SNMIX 90 RECORDS, was a highly respected DJ and music promoter. He played a significant role in the industry by providing top-notch mixable videos and audio to various establishments such as mobile DJs, DVjs, nightclubs, bars, restaurants, hotels, and many others.

Throughout his career, Isaac SN created numerous remakes and extended songs, making the work of DJs in Uganda much easier.

Almost every DJ in the country has benefited from his talent, as they have used his extended or remade versions of songs.

Isaac SN Selector

Unfortunately, Isaac SN’s life was cut short by cancer, a silent killer. Despite efforts to raise funds for his treatment during his illness, he ultimately lost the battle after three months of fighting against the disease.

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Isaac SN was born in 1992 and passed away at the age of 31. Currently, preparations are underway to lay him to rest at his ancestral burial grounds.

His legacy will continue to shine in the deejaying industry, even though he was unable to witness it himself.


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