Omuyaaye Ganja

“It Is a Character; I’ve Never Indulged in Smoking Weed” – Omuyaaye Ganja Clarifies

Omuyaaye Ganja, the well-known comedian, media personality, and singer, has recently made a surprising admission, revealing that he has never indulged in smoking throughout his life.

Omuyaaye Ganja gained notoriety due to his extensive utilization of street jargon in his comic skits and musical compositions.

During a recent interview with Sanyuka TV, Omuyaaye Ganja, real name Emmanuel Mubiru, opened up about his personal experiences.

During the interview, he was asked about the absence of typical smoking effects such as blackened lips and damaged teeth, despite portraying a weed user in his daily life.

In response, Omuyaaye Ganja clarified that his portrayal of a weed user is simply a character he plays, emphasizing that he has never used any smoking substances. He did mention, however, that he occasionally consumes alcohol in moderation.

Omuyaaye Ganja

Ganja further explained that abstaining from smoking weed has been beneficial for his career, allowing him to maintain a clear mind while many of his colleagues have struggled with the negative effects of toxic substances.

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He attributes his success and responsible lifestyle to the support of God, as well as his family, with whom he has spent over 19 years and continues to cherish.


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