DJ Alisha, Shakib Cham

“It Is An Old Video” DJ Alisha Addresses Viral Video Of Her Smooching With Shakib Cham

Renowned female DJ Alisha has addressed the viral video featuring her and Zari Hassan’s husband Shakib Cham.

This evening, a video went viral on social media showing DJ Alisha and Shakib Cham sharing an intimate moment in a car.

In another video, they were seen at a bar, trying to unwind and enjoying some hip-hop music.

These videos quickly spread across social media platforms, sparking rumours and speculation about their relationship status.

However, DJ Alisha wasted no time in clarifying the situation on her personal Twitter account.

DJ Alisha, Shakib Cham

She revealed that the circulating video is actually quite old and was recorded many years ago.

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This revelation brought relief to the fans of Zari and Shakib, who had initially feared that their marriage was in trouble.


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