Abba Marcus, Michelle Kaddu, Desrie Luzinda

It Is Disrespectful to Think Abba Marcus and Michelle are Dating – Desire Luzinda

US-based Ugandan secular cum gospel singer Desire Luzinda has watered down rumours suggesting that her daughter Michelle Kaddu and Jose Chameleone’s elder son Abba Marcus are dating.

For several years now, rumour had it that Michelle Kaddu and Abba Marcus were an item in light of their photos swapping saliva surfacing on social media.

Despite their parents revealing that their kids were just friends and nothing beyond that, netizens steadfastly failed to comprehend.

Yesterday as Desire Luzinda and her daughter Michelle jetted into the country for a short holiday, the former was tasked to remark on her the latter’s prevailing relationship with Abba Marcus.

In response, Desire maintained that Abba and Michelle are friends and young kids who ought to be protected at all costs.

Abba Marcus, Michelle

Desire added that as a parent, she can’t consider Abba and Michelle to be dating because they are young kids and she expects every mature person to do the same.

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We live in a society where male and female can be friends so we should embrace it and not have to create unnecessary words because they are young kids and we need to protect them.

I can’t speak anything beyond friendship between Abba and Michelle it would be a sort of child disrespect to talk in any other kind of direction as a parent I can’t do that so I would expect every mature person to act the same.

Desire Luzinda


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