It Is My Life and It Will Always Be – Julie Birungi Responds to Susan Makula’s Gay Criticism

Pastor Bugingo’s fiance Susan Makula has gone bare knuckles on gospel singer Julie Birungi over recruiting people into LGBT activities.

For years now, Julie Mutesasira has been the center of criticism following her decision to publicly declare herself gay.

As the country fights homosexualities activities lately, Susan Makula earlier today ascended the house of Prayer pulpit, lecturing against the practice and those that propagate its gospel.

Susan remarked that Julie was formerly her close friend, but their friendship came to an end ever since the latter decided to live a homosexual lifestyle.

Julie Birungi, Jean
Julie Birungi and Her Supposed Partner

Susan added that since Julie Mutesasira is already possessed by the pernicious gay spirit, she wants to enlist additional members to broaden their organization.

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However, Susan Makula maintained that believers shouldn’t stop listening to Julie Mutesasira’s gospel music, citing it still carries God’s message.

Upon Julie crossing paths with Susan’s video, she was so quick to take to her Facebook account, whereshe she refuted the allegations of recruiting new members into LGBT, mainting that it is her life and it will always be.

“Preach Jesus, his love, faithfulness that’s all” Julie added.


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