Bebe Cool, Zuena Kirema

“It Was Goat’s Meat” Zuena Kirema on Controversial Photo Suggesting Bebe Cool Ate Pork.

Bebe Cool’s wife Zuena Kirema has finally addressed the ongoing controversy surrounding a photo that has been circulating on social media over the years.

The photo, which suggests that Bebe Cool was eating pork at one of the hangout spots in Kampala, has over the years left netizens perplexed and sparked heated debates about the singer’s adherence to his Muslim beliefs.

Critics have been quick to use the photo as evidence to question Bebe Cool’s commitment to his religious principles. They argue that if he is indeed consuming pork, a meat strictly prohibited in Islam, it raises doubts about his faith and commitment to his religious community.

Adding fuel to the fire, Novelist Kakwenza Rukirabashaija recently joined the discussion, using the photo to highlight what he perceives as Bebe Cool’s freedom from religious restrictions.

Rukirabashaija argued that Bebe Cool’s life is not constrained by the traditional Muslim prohibition on consuming pork or alcohol, suggesting that others should also break free from such limitations.

Zuena Kirema, Bebe Cool

In response to Rukirabashaija’s tweet, Zuena Kirema swiftly stepped in to clarify the situation. She explained that the meat in the photo was, in fact, goat’s meat and not pork. However, despite her explanation, people continue to interpret the image in a way that suits their narrative.

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Zuena Kirema’s swift response and clarification may have provided some clarity, but it is unlikely to completely quell the debate. As long as the photo continues to circulate, critics and supporters alike will continue to interpret it in ways that align with their preconceived notions about Bebe Cool’s religious beliefs and lifestyle choices.


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