Gravity Omutujju,

“It Was Junior Gravity” – Gravity Omutujju Distances Self From Hitting a Dj With a Mic

Rapper Gereson Wabuyi alias Gravity Omutujju has distanced himself from reports suggesting that he hit a Dj with a microphone.

Earlier last month, Gravity Omutujju dominated news headlines for allegedly hitting a Dj with a microphone over poorly engineered sound.

In the video, the supposed rapper visibly infuriated, hit the Dj as he hurled him with all sorts of insults, before confronting him with the intent of beating him up.

However, while addressing the press earlier today at Lugogo Cricket Oval, Gravity Omutujju distanced himself from the misconduct, revealing that he wasn’t the one in the video that took social media by storm.

Gravity pointed out that the individual in the video might be his impersonator, before warning anyone misusing his name with the intention of tarnishing his reputation to stop right away.

Gravity Omutujju

The rapper insisted that he can’t strike someone with a microphone because he knows its weight and the harm it can inflict on the target.

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Gravity made it known that he would involve the authorities to investigate the matter, and soon the culprit would be brought to the book.





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