Samson Kasumba, Sheilah Gashumba

“It’s a Big Mistake Rubbishing Local Content While Working on Local TV.” Samson Kasumba to Sheilah Gashumba

Next media news anchor Samson Kasumba has intervened in the Sheilah Gashumba and Isaac Kawalya Kaiyz’s saga.

On Monday, Sheilah Gashumba retaliated to fellow presenter Kaiyz’s grievances that her outfit at her Chop life end-of-year party disgusted him.

In a seemingly demeaning manner, Sheilah wondered how someone who grew up watching local content like That’s Life Mwattu and Kigenya Agenya on a black-and-white tv could get the guts to remark on issues concerning a person who grew up watching Rihanna and Beyoncé’s live performance and other international channels.

Sheilah’s submission has since drawn the attention of many internet users, including coworker Samson Kasumba.

Samson Kasumba

Responding to the NBS After5 show co-host, Samson Kasumba revealed that there was never anything wrong with watching the plays Sheilah deemed local.

Samson further schooled Sheilah that denigrating local content when one works on local television is a massive mistake.

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Art is not easy to produce. Have the fights you want but respect local productions made by some genuinely great artists here. Samson Kasumba’s tweet further reads.


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