Gravitty Omutujju, Zex Bilangilangi

I’ve Been Zex Bilangilangi’s Fan Since Day One – Gravitty Omutujju Quashes Beefing the Firebase Singer

Rapper Gravitty Omutujju has revealed that he has been Zex Bilangilangi’s fan since day one.

Following Gravitty’s successful concert at Lugogo Cricket Oval, he revealed that Bebe Cool, Bobi Wine and Jose Chameleone should concentrate on their other businesses since they are no longer relevant in the music industry.

His revelation didn’t settle well with Firebase singer Zex Bilangilangi, who was mentored by Bobi Wine.

In an interview, Zex, who described Gravitty as a young boy, warned him against disrespecting the trio, before the latter retaliated questioning where the former gets the audacity to address him in such a manner with his one and half hit song.

 Zex Bilangilangi

This compelled Zex to take the beef to the recording booth and recorded a song aimed at schooling Gravitty on how to behave in society.

Before the song could be published, Gravitty held a press conference, where he clarified the recent comments that got him into trouble.

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It is here that the self-proclaimed Omutujju revealed that up to now he has no idea what Zex said about him, but he harbors no ill intentions against the latter.

Gravitty Omutujju went on to say that he has been a fan of Zex Bilangilangi since the word ‘go’ of the latter’s music career, and he is grateful that the Firebase singer returned the favor by showing up when he invited him to his recently concluded concert.

The Trouble Entertainment singer went on to note he is optimistic Zex can hold a concert at Namboole stadium, but his ability is being suffocated by those close to him.


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