Gravity Omutujju,

“I’ve Never Beaten My Wife” Gravity Omutujju Vows to Arrest Ntambi Over False Claims

Singer Gravity Omutujju has watered down prior claims suggesting that he has been beating up his wife Nakanyike Sharua.

A few days back, social media critic Frank Ntambi through various interviews accused Gravity Omutujju of constantly assaulting his wife, with whom he shares a number of kids.

Ntambi’s claims didn’t settle well with Gravity Omutujju, who allegedly hit the former at one of the local radio stations Radio Simba.

Frank Ntambi reacted by filing a police case against the rapper at Kira Road Police Station under reference SD:97/31/7/2023.

Earlier today during a press conference held at Lugogo Cricket Oval ahead of his “Okwepicha Concert,” Gravity got into several topics including rumours of beating his wife.

Gravity Omutujju,

Gravity Omutujju revealed that he has never laid a hand on his wife, before warning Frank Ntambi against spreading lies.

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The rapper noted that Ntambi is free to criticize his music, but attacking his family is a mistake that could land him in jail.

Gravity continued, saying that his wife is currently walking around in disgrace due to accusations made by others that she is abused by her husband.


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