Sheilah Gashumba

“I’ve Only Been Scared of My Private Videos Leaking and Death” Sheilah Gashumba

Socialite and media personality Sheilah Gashumba has revealed that over the years she was scared of her intimate videos leaking and death.

Recently Sheilah Gashumba’s intimate videos with her boyfriend Rickman Manrick washed social media off its feet.

In her defence, Sheilah revealed that a hacker had swapped her sim card, before accessing her Snapchat account and leaking her videos.

The NRG presenter added that the hacker added her ex-boyfriend God’s plan on her Snapchat, whom she hadn’t had for over two years with the aim of him to get her private videos. Fortunately, Godsplan didn’t add her back on Snapchat.

Sheilah Gashumba

This f#cker even added my ex who I didn’t have on my snap for 2 years to get private videos of me and Godsplan to mess up, Good thing, Godsplan didn’t add me back on Snapchat when the hacker unblocked and added him. He would have gone
straight to my Media with him and saved a lot.

Sheilah maintained that telecommunications can swap anyone’s sim card and mobile money can be stolen or could end up in her situation.

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Any social media account linked to your number could be leaked. Sheilah Gashumba emphasizes.

She further notes that her whole life, she has always been scared of two things, including her private videos leaking, her death and those she treasures.

Since one is done, I’m here to tell you that death doesn’t scare me!! I’ve already done what I wanted to do since I was born!!.

Sheilah noted


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