Jackie Chandiru

Jackie Chandiru shares harrowing experience of attempting suicide on 6 different occasions

During an interview, singer Jackie Chandiru shared the harrowing experience of attempting suicide on six different occasions.

Jackie Chandiru revealed that during a challenging period in her life, she battled depression and other struggles.

In an attempt to cope with her issues, she turned to substance abuse which eventually led her to a rehabilitation center.

Feeling hopeless and believing that her loved ones were fed up with her, she made multiple suicide attempts including ingesting poison, swallowing battery cells, and taking an overdose of medication.

Jackie Chandiru

Despite her repeated efforts, Jackie survived each attempt, and through therapy, medication, and the support of her loved ones, she was able to overcome her struggles with depression and substance abuse.

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She now uses her platform as a singer to raise awareness about mental health issues and the importance of seeking help.


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