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Jamie Culture is Experiencing Drug Addiction Relapse – Qute Kaye Reveals

Qute Kaye has attributed fellow singer Jamie Culture’s prevailing mental state to experiencing drug addiction relapse.

After being released from the rehabilitation facility to which Mesach Semakula had taken him in 2021, Jamie Culture was recently re-victimized by mental illness.

According to Jamie Culture’s close friend Sam, revealed that the singer is possessed by occult forces, which need to be appeased by his family members.

Taking part in an interview, however, Qute Kaye disagreed with Sam’s narrative, maintaining that Jamie Culture is experiencing a drug addiction relapse.

Qute Kaye urged those close to Jamie to take him back to the rehabilitation, and at the very least, he should stay there for six months.

Jamie Culture

He went on to note that even after being discharged from the rehabilitation centre, Jamie Culture should be given an aftercare plan.

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In this, the singer should change the area of residence, to avoid his peers from seducing him into using drugs again.

Additionally, Jamie Culture should start working to avoid having a void mind and embark on looking for God.


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