Hadijja Kigozi, Jenifer Full Figure

Jenifer Full Figure in a Bitter Online Exchange With Ugandan Youtubers Over Late Isma Olaxess

Veteran singer and Presidential advisor Jenifer Full Figure is embroiled in a bitter online exchange with Ugandan YouTubers.

Prior to the late Isma Olaxess’s death, he had created a strong bond with various YouTubers as he used them to spread his ideologies.

After he passed away, Full Figure embarked on berating YouTubers for filming his funeral in order to generate content for their channels and earn money.

Full Figure added that the YouTuber kept interviewing the late Isma’s father despite the challenges he was going through.

Full Figure’s rants, however, didn’t settle well with a section of YouTubers, including Kakalamu, Hadijja Kigozi, and Sarah Henza who were close friends with Isma Olaxess.

Jenifer Full Figure

As a result, Hadijja Kigozi was compelled to delete from her YouTube channel all the videos that featured Full Figure, citing she could no longer tolerate the latter’s cyber harassment.

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Hadijja among other YouTubers pleaded with Full Figure to stop disparaging them, pointing out that before Isma’s death, she used to attack him but now she acts like a saint.


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