Spice Diana, Jenkins Mukasa

Jenkins Mukasa Urges Spice Diana to Prioritize Father’s Needs Before Extending Support Elsewhere

Media personality Jenkins Mukasa has no kind words for Source Management singer Spice Diana.

Jenkins made it clear that his previous comments were not specifically directed at Spice Diana or her manager, but if they feel targeted, they should introspect.

Jenkins maintained that he doesn’t need Spice Diana’s support of Ugx 3M to feature in her video, but rather she ought to use the money to elevate her father’s lifestyle who even lost his chairmanship seat in Mpererwe.

Additionally, Jenkins challenged Spice Diana to provide proof of ownership for her new Range Rover, hinting that he knows the source but chooses to keep it undisclosed.

Spice Diana, New Range Rover

He further made it known that despite receiving messages from Spice Diana’s manager, who requested him to stop his criticism, he vowed to remain defiant.

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He stated that he would only comply with the plea if it was made on camera, suggesting that he wanted to put Spice Diana and her team where they belong.


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