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Jennifer Full Figure shares how her brother nearly raped her at the age of 7

Jennifer Full Figure, a renowned singer and presidential advisor has bravely shared her experience of being sexually assaulted by her own brother at the tender age of 7.

Full Figure disclosed that during a visit to the garden, one of her brothers attempted to rape her.

Fortunately, his vile act was unsuccessful due to her young age and underdeveloped genitalia, which made penetration impossible.

Heartbreakingly, when she confided in her relatives, including her uncle with whom she resided, they dismissed her account as a fabrication and chose to ignore her plea for help.

Jenifer Full Figure

Additionally, Full Figure was deprived of proper care and education, only dropping out in primary seven.

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Despite the hardships she endured, Full Figure remains grateful for her resilience and determination, which have paved the way for a successful future.


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