John Blaq

John Blaq recounts trading jabs with music producer who criticized his vocal abilities

Singer John Blaq recently revealed an incident where he had a physical altercation with a music producer who criticized his singing abilities.

John Blaq shared that at a certain point in his music career, he worked with a producer whose identity he chose to keep private.

However, midway through their two music projects, the producer expressed his opinion that he did not want to work with someone who couldn’t sing well, pointing out flaws in John’s voice.

This led to a heated argument and physical altercation between the two, requiring intervention from bystanders to defuse the situation.

John explained that his reaction was fueled by frustration at the producer’s comments, but later on, the producer acknowledged his talent.

John Blaq

In the end, the incident only strengthened John Blaq’s determination to prove his critics wrong and further hone his singing abilities.

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He used the experience as motivation to work even harder and improve his craft, ultimately leading to greater success in his music career.


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