Jose Chameleone

Jose Chameleone Abstains From Academic Conflicts With Fellow Musicians

Leone Island singer Jose Chameleone has implored critics not to indulge him in academic battles with fellow musicians.

A few days back Jose Chameleone joined the list of elites in the music industry after bagging a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations and Diplomacy at Cavendish University.

Chameleone’s milestone birthed a comparison between him and fellow musicians like Bebe Cool and Bobi Wine on who weighs heavier as far as academics are concerned.

During last night’s public appearance, Jose Chameleone pleaded with critics, particularly journalists, to avoid inciting a debate between him and other musicians over intellectual matters.

Chameleone stated that he didn’t study for the sake of impressing others or gaining bragging rights over other musicians who didn’t attain his level of knowledge, but rather for his own benefit.

Jose Chameleone

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The “Bayuda” singer claimed that his lack of regard for other musicians’ educational backgrounds and his dislike of being compared to them are his key concerns.


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