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Jose Chameleone Explains Why He Distanced Self From Pallaso, Alien Skin Battle

Jose Chameleone has opened the lid on why he distanced himself from his brother Pallaso’s battle with Alien Skin.

In May this year, Pallaso thumped his fellow singer Alien Skin accusing him of sabotaging his rehearsals in Makindye.

Pallaso’s decision to hit Alien Skin drew harsh condemnation from numerous players of the music industry, hence damaging his reputation.

The audience was interested in hearing Jose Chameleone’s opinion on the split between Pallaso and Alien Skin, but he remained silent until Friday night, when he spoke out on the subject.

Chameleone revealed that despite being elder borther to Pallaso, he is a grown man who makes his own decisions and solve his peoblems.

Jose Chameleone

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He continued by saying that even when he has to mediate his brother’s disputes, he does so in a responsible manner as he would advise him privately.


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