Stuart Kagoro, Jose Chameleone

Jose Chameleone Heaps Praise on His Publicist Kagoro Following Resounding Success of His “Gwanga Mujje” Concert

Jose Chameleone expressed his utmost gratitude to his media team, led by his dedicated media and communications manager and publicist, Stuart Kagoro, after the “Gwanga Mujje” concert.

The event, which celebrated Chameleone’s remarkable 20-year career in the music industry, was a resounding success, drawing in a massive crowd of enthusiastic fans.

During the concert, Chameleone showcased two decades’ worth of hard work and talent through a captivating solo performance that lasted an impressive four and a half hours.

The event took place on the evening of February 24th, 2023, at the renowned Lugogo Cricket Oval, the largest music concert venue in Kampala.

While Jose Chameleone rightfully took centre stage that night, he humbly acknowledged the pivotal role played by his media team in ensuring the concert’s triumph.

Stuart Kagoro, Jose Chameleone

He openly praised their unwavering dedication and tireless efforts in spreading the word about the event. “I extend my heartfelt appreciation to my media team, who have gone above and beyond to promote this concert. Their hard work guarantees that the success of tonight will resonate far and wide,” he expressed gratefully.

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Stuart Kagoro, who has been Jose Chameleone’s trusted publicist since 2017, has consistently been his invaluable right-hand man, supporting him every step of the way.


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