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Jose Chameleone Reveals Nigerian Artists Fear to Share Stage With Him Due to His Musical Prowess

Leone Island Music Empire boss Jose Chameleone has bragged about his musical prowess that sees Nigerian musicians fear to share stages with him when they come to Uganda.

Midway through his recent performance at Lazio Bar, Jose Chameleone revealed that this fear has led Nigerian artists to instruct event organizers to exclude him from their lineups whenever they visit Uganda.

Known for his unique style and captivating performances, Chameleone has gained immense popularity not only in Uganda but also across Africa.

However, his success seems to have sparked a sense of insecurity among some Nigerian musicians. He claims that they fear his exceptional talent and stage presence, which could potentially overshadow their performances.

As a result, they allegedly take measures to ensure that he is not included in the lineup when they come for performances in Uganda.

jose chameleone

Chameleone’s statement suggests that his talent and reputation have become a threat to some Nigerian musicians, leading them to resort to exclusion tactics.

Despite the alleged attempts to sideline him, Chameleone remains undeterred, and he believes that his talent speaks for itself and that no amount of fear or exclusion can diminish his impact on the music scene.

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Chameleone’s disclosure has sparked a debate among music enthusiasts, with some questioning the authenticity of his claims.

However, others argue that competition and jealousy are common in the industry, and it is not uncommon for artists to try to undermine their rivals.

It remains to be seen how this revelation will impact his career and relationships with Nigerian musicians in the future.


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