Joshua Baraka, Growing Pains EP

Joshua Baraka Releases His Long Anticipated 3rd EP Dubbed “Growing Pains”

Nana breakout sensation Joshua Baraka has recently unveiled his highly anticipated third EP, “Growing Pains,” which marks a significant milestone in his career.

Produced by his frequent collaborator Axon, this EP showcases a captivating blend of talent and international collaborations, setting it apart from his previous works, Watershed and Baby Steps.

Joshua Baraka, renowned for his chart-topping single “Nana” and the subsequent accolades, aims to delight his fans with this timely release, just in time for the festive holidays.

In “Growing Pains,” this Ugandan artist’s versatility shines through as he explores themes such as familial struggles and the complexities of love, all while demonstrating his growth as an artist.

This EP encapsulates Joshua’s journey and the obstacles he has overcome to achieve his current success. With a fusion of dancehall, R&B, and impeccable production, Joshua collaborates with international artists Yaw Tog from Ghana and Magixx from Nigeria, bridging musical boundaries across Uganda, Ghana, and Nigeria.

Joshua Baraka, Growing Pains EP

Joshua celebrates this release as a pivotal moment in his career, believing that his past experiences have culminated in this remarkable project.

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Featuring singles like “No Lie” with Magixx and “Dreams,” “Growing Pains” is now available for streaming on various major platforms, amplifying its reach and impact.

You can access the EP through the link below;



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