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Jowy Landa Unhappy With Precious Remmie, Claims Presenter’s Negative Sentiments Sent Her In Depression

Singer Jowy Landa has conveyed her dissatisfaction with the media personality Precious Remmie regarding the latter’s recent remarks on Sanyuka TV.

During an interview, Jowy Landa disclosed that on one of Remmie’s television programs, she asserted that the singer’s music career had no prospects after parting ways with Pallaso’s management.

Jowy notes that Precious Remmie proceeded to label her as a musician under a spell, destined to face perpetual challenges in the music sector.

The “Wire Wire” singer added that Remmie’s claims had a profound impact on her, inducing a state of depression and prompting serious contemplation of quitting the music business.

Jowy further stressed that she currently has no intentions of granting forgiveness to Precious Remmie unless she publicly expresses remorse and offers an apology to her.

Jowy Landa

The singer went on to reveal that on one occasion, she confronted Remmie and expressed her disapproval of her actions, arguing that they were not morally correct.

In Remmie’s defence, she argued that any statements she made were in accordance with the program script, which is typically orchestrated by the producer.

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Jowy Landa implored TV presenters to exercise utmost caution when expressing their opinions about musicians, as their words hold significant influence over them.



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