Judith Bosslady

Judith Bosslady Extends Christmas Spirit to Underprivileged Communities in Uganda.

During the festive period of Christmas, it holds great significance to generously share whatever meagre possessions one may have with those who are less privileged.

As numerous individuals of high social standing gather in the country to partake in the festivities, they also engage in acts of philanthropy, including Judith Bosslady.

Based in London, Judith Nahurira, who goes by the alias Judith Bosslady, not only has a base in the city but also frequently visits Uganda due to her ownership of more than three companies in the country.

Given her accomplishments throughout the years, Judith recognized the importance of giving back to society through her charity organization called Sofikobs Charity.

Judith Bosslady

During her most recent charitable initiative, Judith reached out to the communities of Sseguku and Makindye Ssabagabo.

Accompanied by her team, Judith provided essential items such as soap, sugar, salt, rice, and more to those in need.


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