Judithiana Namazzi

Judithiana Namazzi Shares Her Delivery Challenges: “My Baby and I Were Admitted in the ICU Shortly After Delivery”

At the start of this week, Pearl Magic presenter Judithiana Namazzi revealed how she welcomed her bundle of joy three months back.

After keeping the baby under wraps for three months, Judithiana shared the exciting news with her fans and followers via her socials.

It is here that the presenter revealed how she encountered difficulties soon after giving birth, so the first days of parenting weren’t all roses for her as she expected.

Judithiana stressed that upon her daughter’s arrival, they both wound up in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) since they were not in good health.

Judithiana Namazzi

The new mother is however grateful that the daughter and she were able to leave the intensive care unit (ICU) safely because of God’s grace.

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It is for the aforementioned reasons that Judithiana pledged to preach about the love of God, before encouraging whoever is facing challenges to cast them unto the almighty emphasizing that the fact he saved her from death, he can do the same for them.


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