Juliana Kanyomozi

Juliana Kanyomozi Throws More Light On Why She Pulled Out Of The Jazz Safari Event

On 14th April 2022, singer Juliana Kanyomozi through her social media platforms revealed that she was not going to be part of the Soul and RnB Safari Uganda Baileys Picnic event.

Juliana made the revelation days after the press conference at Club Governor, where the organizers revealed that the singer was to headline the event slated for 07th May 2022 at Kampala Serena Hotel Gardens.

Juliana’s reason for pulling out of the event was that there were gaps in alignment between the parties involved that needed to be revised.

Juliana Kanyomozi

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Throwing more light, Juliana Kanyomozi in an interview with Sanyuka TV stressed that she disassociated with the event upon realizing that there was a breach of the agreement by the event organizers.

She noted that initially, she agreed with the organizers that she was to perform about 4 to 5 songs at an invite-only function of about 200 people.

To her surprise, during the press conference, it was a big concert with tickets sold at 100k and she was advertised as the event headliner contrary to the prior agreement.

Juliana Kanyomozi

When Juliana’s manager contacted Shaka Mayanja to rectify the breach in the agreement, the latter turned a deaf ear, leaving her with no option but to snub the event.

It is at this point that Juliana took to Instagram, and revealed to her fans and followers that she was not going to be part of the event.

Upon her withdrawal, she has been replaced by Naava Gey, Irene Ntale, Gabie Ntaate, and the event is to be hosted by Patrick Salvado and Crysto Newman.


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