Julie Birungi, Jean

Julie Birungi and Lover Jean Celebrate 7th Anniversary

7 years back, gospel singer Julie Birungi and lover Jean embarked on a successful love journey, after the former dumped her baby daddy Pastor Mutesasira.

Their 7 years down the love lane, have been characterised by criticism from those outside the LGBT community.

However, the pair turned a deaf ear to critics, and today they celebrate 7 years together.

Taking to her Instagram account, Julie Birungi penned down a lengthy love message, directed to her better half.

Julie Birungi, Jean

Julie Birungi revealed that she is lucky to have Jean in her life and grateful to God that he bonded them together.

She went on to note that the first time she saw her, she knew they would look good together as lovers.

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The singer further stressed that as long they are happy together, Jean’s past doesn’t matter to her owing everyone has their dirty past.

Julie Birungi, Jean

She revealed that they’ve passed through thin and thick together, and she’s glad they are still happily together and have a long way to go.

Julie thanked Jean for being in her life, before vowing to love her endlessly and wishing her a happy 7th anniversary.

My jean Am glad that I call you mine. Am so lucky to have you in my life. what would I be without you? I can’t imagine at all. You make me happy, am content you have bought out the best out of me jean. Am grateful to God he bond us together for the last 7 years. When I first saw you I vividly emotionally feel what I felt that day, I knew we would look good together.. I just knew it my love. To me the past doesn’t count. You may have slept with her or know people who have that was the past she is mine now and she won’t go back to her vomit. We all have made mistakes we regret but we pick ourselves on and focus on what makes us happy and glad. We are happy now and that matters. we growing to love each other more and our children. my forever is the forever with you jean. We have experienced good and bad Times but our good Times have over weighed the bad times by farrrr… 7 years ago when we met for the first time, I would never have imagined how our love would turn into. We have been through so much and I will forever be grateful for you jean that life lead me to you. Thank you for being my life, my love, my person, my jean, my forever, my baby. I love you endlessly and am going to love you forever my twin flame.

Julie Birungi


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Congratulations to the pair.


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