Julie Underwood, Pharouque Sempala

Julie Underwood and Pharouque Sempala welcome a baby boy Tarin Tay’mia Woodz

Pharouque Sempala and renowned actress Julie Underwood are filled with joy as they celebrate the arrival of their precious baby boy.

Julie Underwood and Pharouque Sempala, who have been in a loving relationship for several years, are thrilled to add another member to their growing family.

The newborn in the couple’s household was named Tarin Tay’mia Woodz and is in excellent health.

The news of the Tarin’s arrival was broken by Pharouque Sempala through his personal Facebook account, where he shared an adorable photo of their little one along with his name.

Julie Underwood, Pharouque Sempala, TARIN  TAY'MIA  WOODZ

Since the announcement, the couple has been receiving heartfelt congratulations and well wishes as they continue to embrace the joys of expanding their family.

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They are grateful for the love and support that surrounds them and are excited to see what the future holds for their family.


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