Jastine Nameere, Kennedy Nsubuga

Justine Nameere Addresses Rumours Of Being Older Than Her Man Kennedy Nsubuga

Justine Nameere, a well-known media personality and politician, recently addressed rumours about her age in relation to her fiancé Kennedy Nsubuga.

The couple held a beautiful traditional Kukyala ceremony in Lukaya, Kalungu District a few weeks ago, but the event was met with criticism suggesting that Nameere was older than Nsubuga.

In response to these criticisms on her social media account, Nameere clarified that despite Nsubuga appearing younger than her, he has an “Obama size” physique, unlike other men who tend to gain weight easily.

She also revealed that Nsubuga is actually 34 years old, as confirmed by his OBs from Kibuli, while her own classmates from S.6 Class of 2008 Old Buddo know her to be 33 years old.

Jastine Nameere, Kennedy Nsubuga

She went on to urge her critics to focus on the issues concerning them, rather than on trivial matters such as age differences in relationships.

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Additionally, Justine Nameere’s responses to certain comments were considered inappropriate, as her language was excessively vulgar for someone of her social standing.


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