Justine Nameere

Justine Nameere Engaged to Longtime Lover

Renowned media personality and presidential advisor Justine Nameere got engaged to her longtime partner.

As a media personality, Justine Nameere has been a familiar face in the industry for many years. She has made a name for herself through her work in several media outlets including NTV.

Nameere’s popularity and influence in the media suffered a significant setback when she became entangled in numerous social media disputes with Faridah Nakazibwe.

However, she had previously been absent from the public domain, until today when the news of her engagement rocked social media.

According to the reports on our news desk, Justine Nameere’s lover, identified as Kennedy, recently made a significant move in their relationship when he proposed to her upon her return from the US where she had gone for reasons best known to her.

Justine Nameere

The pair’s engagement took place at Omono Hotel Nakasero last night, as her sisters tricked her into believing that she was being taken for a sisters’ dinner only to meet her fiance on bended knee.

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Justine Nameere readily accepted Kennedy’s marriage proposal, embracing a new chapter in their relationship.

Nameere’s engagement comes after numerous attempts and disappointments in various relationships.


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