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Kabuye Ssemboga Says He Wasn’t Impressed By Buno K and Grace Nakimera’s Remixes To His Songs

Legendary singer Kabuye Ssemboga is not happy with Bruno K and Grace Nakimera saying they never did justice to his songs.

Kabuye Ssemboga who vented his disappointment in an interview with Bukedde TV said he authorized the pair to redo his songs, little did he know that they wouldn’t meet his expectations.

Kabuye Ssemboga

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Bruno K was assented to redo “Ebisanyi”, while gospel singer Grace Nakimera redid “Onyamba Nga”.

According to Ssemboga, Bruno K turned his song into RnB, a music genre the former doesn’t do. He further noted that the instruments in the song remix were also not impressive.

Bruno K

He maintained that even though he was featured in the song video, he wasn’t pleased by the song’s final output and Bruno K knew it.

To Grace Nakimera, the secular cum gospel singer didn’t utilize fully the song, as she picked only a few lines from the 6-minutes song, excluding the meaningful content.

He further vowed to go bare knuckles with whoever does his songs without his permission, stating that his songs are registered.

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