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Kadongo Kamu Singers Unhappy With UgaTunes For Failure to Pay for Their Music

Uganda Kadongo Kamu singers under the ‘Agali Awamu’ group have expressed their dissatisfaction with UgaTunes for its failure to pay them for their craft.

UgaTunes is a unified Ugandan content distribution and publishing administration platform with one of its biggest shareholders Gen. Saleh.

A while back, a number of Kadongo Kamu artists sold off their music rights to the UgaTunes App, at varying amounts of money.

Lord Fred Ssebata, Matia Luyima, Sauda Batenda Nakakawa, Willy Mukaabya, Abdul Mulaasi, Hassan Ndugga and Fred Ssebaale among others are some of the Kadongo singers that were promised money before giving away their music rights to UgaTunes.

Kadongo Kamu Singers

In a video that Exclusive Bizz was able to secure, the Kadongo Kamu singers assert that UgaTunes embarked on distributing their songs to be recreated in other formats without paying them.

They continue by saying that UgaTunes only sent them Christmas packages in advance of the holiday festivities but the music distribution platform steadfastly failed to adhere to the initial agreement.

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It is for the aforementioned reasons that the ‘Agali Awamu’ group came to the conclusion that until UgaTunes complies with their demands, the music distribution platform should cease using their music.

@exclusive_bizz Uganda Kadongo Kamu singers are not happy with UgaTunes over their failure to pay for their crafts. These claim that UgaTunes embarked on distributing their music for recreation, yet they were not paid as initially agreed upon. #kadongokamu #ugandakadongokamu #ugatunes #fyp #foryou #capcut ♬ original sound – Exclusive_Bizz


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