Kakono Jack, Gravity Omutujju

Kakono Jack Who Insulted Gravity Omutujju’s Mother Arrested

TikToker Kakono Jack has been apprehended by the authorities over insulting rapper Gravity Omutujju’s mother Mrs. Kajoina Jane among other public figures.

Following Mrs. Kajoina Jane’s photos as she attended her son’s just-concluded “Okwepicha” concert going viral on social media, Jack set out to record numerous videos mocking her on TikTok.

Jack’s decision to attack an innocent woman didn’t settle well with several internet users, who called out Gravity Omutujju to arrest him.

Since then, Jack has been on the run, and all his known contacts switched off before being apprehended earlier today.

According to a video accessed by Exclusive Bizz, Jack can be seen pleading for forgiveness, while being pinned for attacking several people including Full Figure, Katikiro Charles Peter Mayiga, and Mama Fiina among many others.

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According to Abaho Frank, Jack has been insulting and disrespecting people in the guise of being protected by the NRM government.

At the time of publication, Jack was at the Katwe Police Station, where he will later appear in court to be tried for his crimes.


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