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Karamagi’s Family Wants Fresh Investigations into their son’s Death at Jose Chameleone’s Home

The family of the late Robert Karamagi wants the court to revive investigations into the circumstances that led to their son being burnt at Jose Chameleone’s home.

On December 26, 2012, Kalamagi who was 27 years then was allegedly undressed and with his hands tied with a rope drenched with aviation fuel before being torched on accusations of being a thief.

He was later admitted to Mulago Hospital, where he reportedly before his death revealed to his father that he was burnt at Jose Chameleone’s residence in Sseguku and it was the singer himself who set him ablaze.

According to an online publication the Observer, Kalamagi’s family issued a petition to the director of public prosecutions (DPP), through its lawyers of Ochieng Associated Advocates and Solicitors and Nalukoola Advocates and Solicitors, saying that they had previously written to the Office of the DPP regarding the same subject matter in vain.

The petition adds that the predecessor [DPP] promised to have the matter investigated afresh and assured members of the public to handle the same to its logical conclusion.

It further states that the previous DPP had pledged to allow Maj Benedicto Kyamanywa, father of the deceased, an opportunity to give police further information and have the file sanctioned.

Jose Chameleone

The purpose of this letter is to invite your good office to consider reopening the file and invite our client to give information regarding investigations and reconstruction of the scene of the crime, which will culminate in justice for our client’s late son Karamagi Robert. We appreciate your timely response in anticipation,” further reads the petition.

On January 10, 2017, the family’s lawyers also asked the DPP to allow them to join the team in investigating the case and preparation for the same for prosecution. In the alternative, they asked the DPP to allow their client to engage private investigators and institute private proceedings.

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Earlier, on November 30, 2016, the family through their lawyers also wrote to the DPP complaining about the mishandling of the case, which was reported at Katwe police station referenced as KMP/E/01/2013.

The complaint also adds that “the purpose of this communication hereof is to put forth the plight of this family and to request that you prevail over this matter and fresh investigations be carried out so as to ascertain the truth of the murder.”

On December 9, 2016, the then DPP, Mike Chibita, now a Supreme Court justice, wrote to the family saying that following their meeting, it was established that he had fresh evidence to implicate the suspects.

A decision was then taken to reopen investigations, and he wrote a letter on March 10, 2015, directing the director of CID to conduct fresh investigations. Chibita added that since then, he did not receive the file back for review and led the director to give them an update on the progress. The office of the DPP is yet to disclose its plan regarding this fresh petition.

Chameleone, who couldn’t be reached, has since denied the allegations levied against him in statements released through his Leone Island Music Empire.


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