Karole Kasita, Joram Lukisa

Karole Kasita’s Former Manager Joram Lukisa Exposes Her Dirty Linen After Falling Out

Joram Lukisa, dancehall singer Karole Kasita’s former manager has exposed her dirty linen a while after falling out.

While addressing the press recently, Joram Lukisa had no kind words as he narrated the misery he encountered while working with Karole Kasita.

Joram explained that this is not the first time he and Karole have broken up; a few years back, they had a disagreement that caused them to partially part ways.

Karole Kasita, however, expressed regret to him and they resumed their collaboration. Joram remarked that the years he spent working with the former were marked by contempt and avarice.

He discloses that Karole Kasita mistreated producers and composers on various occasions, to the point where some avoided working for her.

Karole Kasita, Joram Lukisa

Joran thought back to the time when Karole was dating Feffe Bussy and he had complete control over all managerial decisions.

He said that Feffe Bussy is not the biological father of Karole Kasita’s child, pointing out that the ‘Kuba Yaka’ singer deserted him in favour of a wealthy, married man.

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Watch full details of Joram’s remarks in the interview below.


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