Vinka Kasuku

Kasuku Believes Vinka’s Musical Success Could Be At Stake If She Ditches Swangz Avenue, Unlike Nwagi

Kasuku believes that Vinka would struggle to survive in the music industry if she were to part ways with Swangz Avenue.

During a video appearance, Kasuku and Brian Mulondo discussed the prospects of various musicians in the event of their departure from Swangz Avenue.

Kasuku expressed confidence in Winnie Nwagi’s ability to thrive independently, citing her multifaceted persona, which includes her attractive physique and knack for generating controversial discussions in the media.

However, Kasuku emphasized that Vinka’s success is primarily attributed to her music, making it challenging for her to flourish without the support of the music label.


Without the label’s resources, Kasuku thinks that Vinka may find it challenging to maintain her momentum and compete with other established artists in the industry.

Kasuku also highlighted that Vinka initially started as a dancer, but her strong qualities were recognized and nurtured, ultimately transforming her into a talented musician.

Kasuku’s revelation follows Vinka’s acknowledgement that she once pondered physically confronting him due to the offensive comments he made about her a few years back.


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