Kasuku, Isma Olaxess

Kasuku Claims He Suffered From Depression And Received Visions And Dreams Of Isma Olaxess After His Death.

Media personality Isaac Daniel Katende alias Kasuku has disclosed that he frequently experiences visions from his departed friend, Isma Olaxess.

During an interview, Kasuku expressed his fondness for the memories he shared with Isma Olaxess alias Jaja Iculi in the past.

He mentioned that after Isma’s passing, he went through a difficult period characterized by depression, which affected him two weeks later.

Kasuku recounted an incident where he was sitting and suddenly saw Isma Olaxes appear before him, like a fleeting image.

According to Kasuku, during this vision, Isma provided him with instructions on how they should conduct their interview before Kasuku informed his colleague Ronnie about what Isma had communicated to him.

Isma Olaxes

Ronnie, taken aback, looked at Kasuku in disbelief. It was at that moment that Kasuku almost dialled Isma’s number, only to remember that he had passed away.

This realization gave Kasuku goosebumps, and everything they were doing came to a halt before they eventually returned home.

While at home, during his sleep, Kasuku had the same dreams involving Isma, who asked him about their next meeting.

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