Kasuku Loses His Car Side Mirrors to Thugs

The alarming trend of criminals targeting the valuable parts of media personalities’ vehicles continues to escalate.

In the previous year, a staggering number of prominent figures fell victim to these criminals, losing essential components such as side mirrors and rear lights.

It is evident that they are becoming more brazen and fearless in their actions, as they target high-profile individuals.

The most recent victim of this unfortunate trend is Kasuku, also known as Isaac Daniel Katende, who had parked his car outside while enjoying his time at a popular hangout spot in Kampala.


To his utter dismay, upon his return in the wee hours of Saturday, he discovered that both of his car’s side mirrors had been forcefully removed by unidentified individuals.

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Amid the current economic challenges faced in January, Kasuku now finds himself having to purchase new side mirrors, as driving a car without them is not feasible.


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