Kato Ivan

Kato Ivan Allegedly Detained Over Homosexuality Promotion

At the start of this week, Kato Ivan a Makindye division resident was apprehended and locked up by the authorities over allegations of homosexuality promotion.

According to reports surrounding Kato’s arrest, his landlord tipped the Police in light of suspecting homosexual activities in his house.

Reports suggest that Kato had been severally inviting male strangers to his house before embroiling in activities that raised eyebrows in his neighbourhood sparking his arrest.

When Kato was questioned about the unusual activities at his home, he distanced himself from the allegations, pointing out that it was a straightforward Christian fellowship.

However, after a thorough search inside his rental unit, some LGBTQIA community-authored books by a well-known gay poet, author, and performer from the UK, “Kestrel Gaian” were discovered.

Kato Ivan

Following further questioning, Kato was taken into custody at a local police station where she was accused of encouraging homosexuality in violation of national regulations.

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He was later released on bond and investigations into his matter are ongoing. Kato’s detention comes a few months after Uganda issued the anti-homosexuality law, which sees its violator jailed for 20 years with punitive punishments if found guilty.


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