Kaiyz Bruno K

Kawalya Isaac Kaiyz, Bruno K Resolve their Indifferences

Next Media entertainment journalist Isaac Kawalya Kaiyz and singer Bruno K have come to a common ground after quashing their misunderstandings.

On April 14, 2023, the official results establishing Bruno K as the biological father of Vanessa’s kid Seth Kiggundu were released.

The news was broken by media personality Kaiyz, who shared the DNA results via his social media handles.

Kaiyz’s decision, however, did more harm than good, as Bruno K vowed to take legal action against him, claiming that disclosing his son and his genetic information violated their right to privacy.

Kaiyz Bruno K

This compelled Kaiyz to reach out to Bruno K in an effort to mend the relationship that had been ruined by the former’s poor decision-making.

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The two had a successful meeting since they were able to settle their differences amicably before snapping pictures for later reference.


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