Dj Brownskin

Kenyan Dj Brownskin Records Wife as She Takes Poison to Death Infront of their Infant | VIDEO

Renowned Kenyan Dj Brownskin real name Hamisi Ramadhan is on the spot for recording his wife while taking poison leading to her death minutes later.

In July last year, Dj Brownskin lost his wife with whom he had two children, before being laid to rest in her eternal home.

Earlier this week, a video clip surfaced on social media, depicting Brownskin’s baby mama’s death process.

In the video allegedly recorded by Dj Brownskin, the wife is seen holding the cup with poison as she threatens to end her life in front of one of their kids.

Dj Brownskin

The wife’s body began to experience the effects of the poison a short while after she consumed it. To dilute the poison, the DJ is heard requesting the housekeeper to give the dying mother milk.

This, however, was ineffective because the wife passed away shortly after, and Dj Brownskin captured every moment of the tragedy.

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Since then, the video has stirred some discussion online, with some netizens urging the Kenyan authorities to detain the Dj for complicity in murder.

Have a look at the videos below.


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