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Kheem GK Questions DJ Nimrod’s Professionalism After He Grabbed a Mic From Him During an Event

Spark TV presenter Kheem GK real name Kim George Kizito has questioned renowned DJ Nimrod’s professionalism after he grabbed a microphone midway through his performance at an event.

During Geosteady’s recent concert, Kheem GK, a renowned MC, was given the honour of being the main event MC alongside Sanyuka TV’s Sandrah Lian.

The crowd was excited to witness their dynamic hosting skills and the energy they would bring to the stage. However, Kheem GK’s experience took an unexpected turn when DJ Nimrod, a popular Galaxy FM DJ, repeatedly grabbed the microphone from him midway through his session.

This action left Kheem GK perplexed and momentarily disrupted the flow of the event. Despite the interruption, Kheem GK remained composed and unfazed, determined to deliver a memorable experience for the audience.

However, during a YouTube interview, Kheem took the opportunity to address the incident and warn fellow MCs against engaging in such behaviour.

Kheem GK emphasized that such actions only serve to hinder the growth and progress of the entertainment industry. He highlighted the importance of professionalism and respect among colleagues, stating that unity and collaboration are essential for the industry to thrive.

Kheem GK

By grabbing the microphone from him, DJ Nimrod not only disrespected Kheem GK but also undermined the efforts of all the performers involved in the concert.

Kheem GK maintained that he holds no personal grudge against DJ Nimrod, asserting that they do not share any hangout spots nor are they close friends, which makes the incident even more perplexing.

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He made it clear that he would not tolerate such actions in the future. He stated that if DJ Nimrod repeats his behaviour for the third time, he will take appropriate action to address the issue.


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