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Kid Dee Falls Out With Alien Skin Over Throwing Fyno Out of His Gate

Upcoming singer Kid Dee real name Matovu Denish Duncan has expressed his disappointment with Alien Skin over chasing fellow singer Fyno from his premises.

Kid Dee claims to have known Alien Skin through fellow singer Fyno, before adding him to his entourage.

He adds that when Alien took a musical direction, Fyno was so monumental in his career, as he wrote his breakthrough song “Emboozi Y’enkola”

However, upon Alien Skin gaining stardom, his character changed and started sidelining the people that laid his music foundation.

Kid Dee notes that for some time now, he has been receiving reports of how Alien Skin has been humiliating Fyno wherever he pays him a visit at his Fangon Forest Entertainment camp in Makindye.

Alien Skin

He continued by saying that the most recent incident involved Alien Skin ordering his men to lock Fyno outside the gate, which he found unappealing for someone who had previously helped him.

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Furthermore, Kid Dee pointed out that he holds no grudge against Alien Skin but he ought to change his character.


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