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King Micheal Accused of Failing to Pay Outfit Money Worth Ugx 2.2M

Dancehall singer King Micheal real name Micheal Mugwanya is facing allegations of not paying the outfit money owed to him, amounting to Ugx 2.2M.

The accusations have been lodged by celebrity stylist Rony Guns, who claim he was responsible for designing King Micheal’s outfits for his “20 years of King Micheal concert.”

Ronny adds that they agreed to a price tag of Ugx 700K, and Micheal promised to pay after the culmination of his concert.

He stressed that King Micheal has a history of ordering outfits on credit and has done so before, leaving a bill of Ugx 1.5M which he never paid to present.

Despite King Micheal’s promise to settle all his outstanding debts after the concert, he failed to fulfil his commitments.

Rony Guns has now disclosed that he is burdened with debts from his material suppliers and is considering taking legal action if King Micheal does not respond positively to his plea for payment.

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Furthermore, Rony Guns has expressed his willingness to return to the media and clear Micheal’s name if he settles his balance. He emphasizes that his intention is not to tarnish the singer’s reputation but rather to fight for what rightfully belongs to him.


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